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Massachusetts Creative Agency Rolls Out Grand Campaign to Boost Local Economy

SPRINGFIELD, MA (June, 15 2021) – Founders and owners of POA, Durron Allen and Dezaray Negron, have announced the launch of a dynamic campaign to boost the local economy. 

POA is a creative agency and community development platform where people can do what they love with one login.  The company offers a range of vendor solutions and acts as an online business development center. Get social, network, start a business or university. The options are pretty much endless and the beta is now available!

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The company has outlined a strategy to strengthen the local marketplace with modern online solutions that supports streaming networks, real estate, print on demand, drop shipping, e-commerce, courses, subscriptions, virtual items, gigs and services. Social media is the best way to network because emails are a drag. Allen said: “We want to shine the spotlight on vendors by providing online solutions that helps businesses and brands build community. We also want to give mom and pop businesses an easy transition into the streaming world. Ultimately, this will result in greater brand awareness, more jobs and opportunities.” 

POA has also set its sights on increasing local entertainment across the state to expose local talent to a larger marketplace. Plans are already afoot to create weekly programmed television, workshops, display systems, local ad networks and the hosting of weekly events such as talk shows, gaming shows, culinary, art, sports, talent shows that will be streamed on POA, Roku and other streaming platforms. 

“Entertainment can be the economic boost our local communities need to thrive, said Allen. “We want to do our best to offer high quality entertainment that will draw us together and grow our local economy.”

But that’s not all. Having experienced the harsh reality of homelessness, Allen and Negron are passionate about doing their part to reduce homelessness with POA‘s long term vision to build the community includes building affordable homes across New England using 3D printers.

Negron said, “ I believe B corporations, volunteers and nonprofits will see tremendous rewards and results for serving in our communities.

WeArePOA is a member of the Virginia Chamber and the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce. For further information about POA, visit: http://durrona8.sg-host.com/wearesocial/


Media contact:  Durron Allen

Email: Together@durrona8.sg-host.com

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